Clyde Wong Collection

Interior design is a creative activity that combines practicality with aesthetics. It is a concerted and coordinated art of spatial planning, illumination and shades application, harmony between environment and human inhabitation, fusion of soft and hard materials, color coordination, and placement of furniture and fixtures. When all these essential elements fall into place, they can then be fined tuned in harmony and mutual enhancement to produce a perfect design. This publication showcases 14 interior design projects with homes that range from 150 s.q.m. to 800 s.q.m. Each project carries its own unique characteristics and differs in areas like spatial alignment, client expectation, capital funding, cultural ethnicity, and theme selection which inevitably influence and shape the design concept. For the interior designer, to absorb these influences and fuse them into a design that embraces personality and style is a challenging mission.

Home design encompasses a breadth of internal and external set of skills and knowledge that requires constant updates. The ability to keep up with the external trend and exposed to the magnitude of new experience, and the ability to consistently learn and apply these new skills are priorities. Even the new functionalities of applied science and informational technology are impacting and promoting new directions in interior design. Examples like the emergence of new materials and the multi-faceted application of materials to stimulate new experiences are also reflected amongst the projects covered in this publication. Internal skills include the comprehension and coordination among various components like water, electricity, paint, woodwork, air-conditioning, and fire control. These components must be clearly communicated and coordinated in perfect efficiency in order to achieve the basics of practicality and aesthetics. The final and most vital touch up is the pervasion of a personalized theme through the placement of ornamental decorations, paintings, and sculptures to arouse and enhance interactions between the hardware and software of the design. This is how a successful design is created. I find the almost satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when stepping into the venue of my completed project; this is something neither monetary reward nor material success can surpass.