Project : Tao Yuan Impression KTV Club

The design aims at creating a world of fantasy in which visitors may feel relaxed and enjoy a marvelous time of their lives. The dynamic sense is created by stunning lighting effects, complemented by other reflection elements, such as mirror polished stainless steel, glass and glistening fabrics. The signboard in a ¡¥playing cards' pattern rimmed with LED of different colors may be noticed at a distance. From the tunnel-like entrance, through the main hall and the corridors into the VIP rooms, visitors may feel the cohesive power of strong visual effect produced by decorative LED strips lighting.

Nowadays, the pace of life is becoming quicker and quicker; and under pressure, more people feel the need for a place to relax, entertain, relieve stress and find a balance of mind. This karaoke has been designed to help ease oneself, a berth for spirits, a flavor for moods, and a shelter for emotions.